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Temperature fluctuations in the fermenter and short-term high loads on the system due to the intermittent addition of large quantities of organic material impair the biogas process, causing fluctuations in the methane content. In addition, there is an uneven gas formation rate, which leads to high hydrogen sulphide concentrations, as the amount of air introduced for desulphurisation is usually not adapted to the amount of gas currently formed. For this reason, the charging intervals should be kept as short as possible. Certain feeding techniques (injection shaft, feeding screw with hopper) require the plant operator to spend a lot of time. Especially at larger biogas plants, systems are therefore preferred which allow a certain amount of storage and by which the injection process can be largely automated.

Technical solutions range from time- and mass-controlled systems for the introduction of solids to suitably controlled pumps.

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Sloping insertion

An important element for the entire biogas plant
In order for the energy crops as well as the organic residues to be used functionally, a high-quality injection technique is an important component. Without these solid matter feeders, it is not possible to keep the functionality of the biogas plant running and to ensure that the materials are completely processed.

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Funnel system

High conveying performance due to the hopper system
When it comes to the coordinated and smooth production of biogas, our plants are the perfect choice. Their use makes it possible to use energy crops and animal excrements to produce the gas and at the same time homogenise the liquid substrates.

To fully utilize the own plant, the dosing system is then used to ensure a connection with the solid substrates and to optimize the biogas production. For a safe biogas plant feeding, we offer the highest level with our technical components.

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Moving floor feeder

High-quality moving floor feeders for every biogas plant
When a large storage volume must be achieved in the feeding technique, the push floor feeder is a good choice. It allows to increase the production of biogas and to facilitate the transport into the fermenter.

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Scraper floor feeder

Our systems for processing in the scraper floor
When it comes to processing complex and difficult to dose substances and materials, the scraper floor systems are a good choice. They provide energy-saving and safe operation without the need for wear and tear or other stress within a very short time.

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Liquid feeding

Our feeding pump for gas production in the plant
If the biogas plant is to be fully operational, there must be no lack of a suitable pump for liquid feeding. This enables an effective mixing with the substrate to be introduced, which enables a transfer to the fermenter.

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