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Liquid feeding

Our feeding pump for gas production in the plant
If the biogas plant is to be fully operational, there must be no lack of a suitable pump for liquid feeding. This enables an effective mixing with the substrate to be introduced, which enables a transfer to the fermenter.

Thus, the pump for feeding is one of the central components of the plant which should not be dispensed with.

What are the characteristics of liquid feeding?
Anyone who decides in favour of a liquid feeding pump in the area of feeding technology benefits from significant energy savings. If desired, the feeding system can also be used for several containers, for example to subdivide the liquid substrates and to accelerate fermentation. Of course, the pumps we provide can be customised to the best possible extent and are perfectly adapted to the requirements of the existing system.

There are differences, for example, in the motor power as well as in size, which makes it easy to adapt to the existing system. The installation is also carried out after the purchase of the system without any difficulties, which enables a quick and uncomplicated use of the pump. Thus, nothing stands in the way of a flexible and high-quality feeding solution.

High quality systems
You can obtain both the Cheeks BioMix and the Vogelsang PreMix from us. Both versions allow for maximum flexibility and stand for extensive comfort. Within liquid feeding you will therefore succeed in significantly reducing your costs and optimising the pumping behaviour of the entire system. In connection with a high-quality pipeline construction an efficient and safe feeding is possible without any problems. Therefore, you too can opt for our feeding systems for your biogas plant.