With our gas treatment for sustainable plant operation
A professional and appropriate treatment of the resulting gases plays an important role in improving structure and sustainability. In the field of environmental technology, our modern treatment systems are therefore a good approach to both simplifying cooling and improving filtration. With our design, it is therefore possible to provide noticeably more comfort in the daily use around the operation of the biogas plant.

Gas cooling as an effective dehumidification solution
In order to process the biogas in a functional way, the gas cooling is the first step in the chain. Here, the cooling takes place based on the temperature set on the cooling unit, which initiates the process of condensation. The cooling temperature is kept constant by the integrated control in the cooling unit, which removes the moisture from the gas. As soon as the cooling process is completed, the gas can be reheated to the desired temperature.

This promotes the reaction with the activated carbon while the biogas flows through the activated carbon container. During this flow, undesirable substances such as sulphur are absorbed, which is why the integration of the activated carbon filter is necessary in the further course of the filtration process. This is the only way to purify the gases in order to maintain the structure of the plant and to enable the transfer of high-quality gases.

Safe gas cleaning through the activated carbon filter
Due to the composition of the gas from carbon dioxide and methane, it is important to avoid impurities and maintain the classical structure. This can lead to irreversible damage to the gas engine or weaken the entire system. Cleaning the gas by means of an activated carbon filter therefore ensures significantly higher quality and makes it possible to remove the impurities from the gas in the best possible way.

With our systems it is possible not to let gas cleaning become a high cost factor, but to focus on efficiency and structure. This leads to a well-thought-out removal of all accumulated impurities, so that a long usability of the machine is maintained. In this respect, the use of an activated carbon filter makes it possible to extend the service life of your own components and reduce daily operating costs.

Technically compact treatment systems
Our systems for gas treatment can be purchased in a wide variety of designs. In this way, we ensure that cleaning and cooling systems are available for each plant, which are precisely tailored to the volume of gas conveyed. Thanks to the high-quality construction of our systems, we ensure that the combination with any pipeline is possible and that the nature of the biogas system does not become a challenge.

Also, the integration of the systems into your own plant is done quickly and without much effort. In this way, we ensure that there are no difficulties during the subsequent use, but that the commissioning of the system is not a problem. As soon as all components have been effectively installed, nothing stands in the way of successful desulphurisation of the gas flowing through. On request, we can also supply individual components to enhance the efficiency and performance of the systems and provide a good supplement for plant operators with existing cooling systems.

Various systems for biogas treatment
Reliable systems play an important role, providing many advantages to the existing plant. For this reason, we adapt to the needs of plant operators and enable fast and uncomplicated delivery. Alternatives to filtering with activated carbon include biological measures for cleaning the gases, for example, which do not use chemicals. Through the action of special bacteria, this form of treatment makes it possible to convert the hydrogen sulphide content into elemental sulphur.

When it comes to efficient and safe operation, the classic treatment plants are the best choice. These can be purchased from us in a wide variety of designs, so that you are always on the safe side in terms of technology. Thus, a suitable cooling and filtering form can be found for each gas pipeline in order to sustainably increase the quality of biogas production. Our systems can be used for this purpose in numerous industries in order to have access to excellently cleaned and extremely high-quality biogas in daily operation.

The best solutions for the biogas system
Those who are still looking for a successful solution for the treatment of the gas themselves will find complete solutions with us. With these solutions it is possible to increase the efficiency and at the same time the comfort of the treatment and to trust in extremely effective components. In this way, the equipment and systems we provide enable clear and compact processing.

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