Easy transport through our screw conveyors
We are your partner for the supply of precisely fitting screw conveyors. They make it possible to forward the substrates in a coordinated manner and are thus the link between the different areas of the biogas plant. For this reason, it is important that they also fit technically to the design of the plant, so that safe conveying is possible. With the production from V2A stainless steel you expect durable and extremely robust machine parts.

High quality and individual systems
Each plant requires the use of a different conveying and stuffing screw. For this reason, we have adapted our range of products based on all common systems, so that nothing stands in the way of a safe and structured approach to the insertion technology. The screws we provide are of high quality and wear-resistant, which enables a full and active material flow.

The flexible conveying height and length is also an important approach, making the conveying and plugging screws an attractive component in numerous biogas plants. The stainless steel design also provides a good solution in the elevator against daily stresses such as weather and moisture, which enables trouble-free operation in biogas production.

Safety and structure with the biogas plant
For this reason, you too can benefit from our stainless steel solutions and rely on highly functional components. With our screw conveyor, you can expect high-quality products for convenient operation within the entire application technology.