Our shredder for filling the fermenter
With our modern beet shredder, we enable an effective shredding of individual beets as well as a comfortable filling of the solids dosage unit. Thus, the shredder becomes an important part of the functional operation of the biogas plants in order to use the many agricultural products for biogas production quickly and easily. Thanks to its enormous efficiency, the shredder is also suitable for beets that are difficult to shred, which makes fast and targeted shredding possible.

Efficient and extremely simple shredding systems
Due to the numerous differences within the dosing technology, we attach great importance to uncomplicated adjustability with our systems. Our plant makes it possible to adjust the size variably and thus to be on the safe side for every conceivable size. Thus, the shredding becomes a real enrichment in the formation of biogas, which is produced by the decomposition of the beets in the fermenter.

Within the solids dosage there are in most cases recurring processes, so that no adjustments must be made within the setting of the beet shredder. Thus, the plant can be started during the filling with beets in order to ensure fragmentation within the shortest possible time. Depending on the capacity, up to 60 tons per hour can be shredded to increase efficiency.

Wide range of applications in the feed technology
One of the advantages of our shredder is its versatile usability for other plants and solids. In addition to the shredding of beets, it also offers a suitable solution for onions, potatoes or similar materials and makes it possible to achieve a clearly arranged fragmentation. The fragmentation of the solids increases the attack surface for bacteria, which can accelerate the fermentation process.

This also increases the amount of gas conveyed, which means that there are no longer any difficulties in processing when the substrate is spread out. Thanks to the durability and stability of our plant, the beet shredder is always a good choice and thanks to its processing, it manages to increase production with the biogas plant in a very short time. As a supplement to the dosing unit, the beet shredder thus leads to a far-reaching supply of the fermenter and to an increase in the total gas production.

With high-quality technology for effective work
The shredder also offers enormous quality from a technical point of view. The plant is available with a capacity of between one and 4 cubic metres, whereby the extent of the shredding can be adapted to your own production and conveying. Depending on the chosen design, the weight of the beet shredder also varies. This varies between 800 and 1,900 kilograms and thus adapts to the drive power.

Finally, the finished shredder is made of galvanized and painted steel, which gives the structure excellent protection against the weather and the associated rust. In combination with the high shredding capacity, beets and other components are completely shredded within a few minutes. The adjustability of the shredding pressure means that any number of integrated beets can be shredded efficiently and with great care.

Highest quality around the biogas system
If you are looking for an effective shredding system, you can rely on our components within the insertion technology. With the beet shredder we offer an effective and structured system to ensure safe and convenient implementation in combination with high stability. The simple operation and at the same time high value makes the system a good choice in all industries and facilitates the production of biogas. So, it is always a good choice to fall back on the shredder and rely on a perfectly fitting application for use within your own plant.

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