In order to be able to rely on comfortable welded constructions for a high-quality application, we offer a successful production.

This enables us to produce the necessary welded parts in the mechanical engineering sector, so that you can rely on safe and comfortable systems. With our work in construction, we can develop the most modern and custom-fit solutions, so that you can rely on the right materials for daily use.

Welded constructions are produced by us directly according to customer requirements or based on a submitted drawing. In this way, we offer enormous flexibility and make it possible for the fabrications to fit comfortably into the system at any time. We are therefore exactly the right partner for the right components in welding processing and enable you to find a functional solution for the finishing of your welded parts. Possible component sizes: up to 10m length and 3m width. For our own production we already manufacture serial parts with 10.5m length and 2.5m width.