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Drum filling station

Our drum filling stations for easy filling
Functional and safe technology is essential so that the barrels can be filled with the fermentation substrate from the biogas plant. The drum filling station offers a convenient solution for filling, which is located on the fixed base plate.

This means that stability and support are of paramount importance to ensure smooth and extremely convenient filling. Safe and structured filling is thus possible at any time around our systems.

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Mobile drum filling station

Maximum flexibility with our mobile drum filling station
With our mobile drum filling station, we make it possible to fill the drums quickly and efficiently with the available fermentation substrate. Our systems offer an enormous technical quality and meet all requirements.

Thus, we offer comfort and safety within the entire application, so that there are no more obstacles during filling. For the structured use of the biogas plant, our offer of various conveying stations is a good choice.

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Pipeline construction

Pipelines for your biogas plant
For the correct and functional operation of a biogas plant you need pipelines that connect different systems. For this reason, we have made it our business to manufacture all conceivable piping systems. In order to do this, we adapt as flexibly as possible to existing requirements and enable our customers to carry out functional processing. Thus, gas pipes, substrate pipes and fittings fit the nature of the plant with certainty.

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Substrate heater

Our substrate heater for the biogas plant
If constant temperatures in the fermenter are required, an additional heating system may well be worthwhile. This makes it possible to keep the operating temperature constant and to be able to rely on an even gas production at any time of the year.

For this reason, it is not only worthwhile in winter to fall back on a comfortable fermenter heater in order to extend the comfort of using your own biogas plant as well as to easily adjust the temperature.

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