Our emergency lock for shielding in case of accidents
To be on the safe side in the event of an accident, a structured lock system is essential. In this way, it is possible to avoid that the resulting damage affects the entire environment of the biogas plant and disrupts continued operation. For this reason, our new product offers enormous protection and ensures that a quick and well thought-out reaction is possible in all conceivable emergencies.

The problem of an accident at the biogas plant
If there are defects in the system, the fermentation substrate may flow out of the system. Older systems are often susceptible and are not sufficiently maintained to prevent such a situation from occurring in the long term. However, a functional detection and prevention system is an important component to minimise the problems for daily operation and the environment. This coordinates the flow of the escaping liquid manure, which makes it possible to avoid pollution of the entire surrounding area.

Such cases show that biogas production can also be dangerous. However, the operators and employees do not have to be defencelessly exposed to them, but can fall back on the functional and extremely safe technical components to prevent the spread. Thus, it does not become a problem to protect the operation and to keep the dangers of such a case in view as best as possible. The integration of the emergency system thus leads to a safe and smooth operation all around the harvest.

Automated for more comfort and safety
When providing our systems, it is very important to us to provide automated comfort. For this reason, the flap can be closed in case of possible leaks and problems, so that no further problems arise. Normally, however, the flap connected to the airlock can be operated comfortably, making it as easy as possible to use. By equipping the emergency airlock with a light barrier, a quick reaction in an emergency is then possible in order to keep the entire area in view.

In the event of an emergency, the distance between the sensors and the ground is measured during automatic operation. Weather-related exceptions, such as storm and rain, can be easily set in advance to minimize the risk of a false alarm. As soon as the fermentation substrate approaches the sensor, the system sounds an alarm, which raises the threshold integrated in the soil and prevents further distribution of the substrate.

Technically highest quality for every application
Of course, the emergency door is characterized by its simple and comfortable use. Thanks to the flexible distributions of the airlock, a good solution can be found for every case to increase the comfort around the operation and to extend the daily safety. In this way, our emergency lock becomes a good way to be on the safe side in emergencies and to make its use as simple and clear as possible. Our sensors meet all requirements for this purpose and create an uncomplicated procedure.

On the safe side with our emergency gate
Anyone who wants to secure themselves for the daily operation of the biogas plant can fall back on a good solution with our systems. In this way, it is possible to maintain security and work on a structured implementation even in emergencies. Thanks to the highly modern sensors, a quick and clear reaction to every conceivable case is possible, so that there are no longer any restrictions in the area of technical safety of plant operation. With our lock system we therefore offer enormous comfort and increase the added value of daily operation.