High conveying performance due to the hopper system
When it comes to the coordinated and smooth production of biogas, our plants are the perfect choice. Their use makes it possible to use energy crops and animal excrements to produce the gas and at the same time homogenise the liquid substrates.

To fully utilize the own plant, the dosing system is then used to ensure a connection with the solid substrates and to optimize the biogas production. For a safe biogas plant feeding, we offer the highest level with our technical components.

Most modern concepts in biogas plant technology
Functional plant technology is essential in order to transfer liquid manure and dung as well as organic residues and renewable raw materials to the fermenter by means of the dosing system. In this way, the required biogas can be produced without much effort, but at the same time numerous substances remain in the fermentation residue storage. This enables the individual components to be processed into fertiliser in order to make effective use of all active ingredients. With a weatherproof and at the same time heatable design, it is thus possible to fully utilise the biogas plant and optimise the production of biogas.

With the own biogas production, it is possible to use the own power generation and to increase the existing capacities. The processing of the substances as biomethane is also a possible option to expand the application and at the same time optimise the feed into the natural gas grid. Other options include using the biogases produced as fuel to ensure a significant improvement in efficiency. This makes the use of a biogas plant and the associated hopper system as a dosing unit a good choice.

With the dosing unit to full plant operation
A functioning and safe dosing system is part of every biogas plant. The hopper system thus offers the highest quality to ensure safe and convenient use in almost any installation position. This makes the plant operation much more modern and flexible, which enables an increase in the working speed. Thus, the efficiency within the entire plant is maintained in order to enable an automatic process conversion and to complete the biogas plant.

If side mounting is not possible, the hopper systems can still provide enormous quality. In this case, the system is placed directly on the concrete ceilings of the fermenters, or on floor plates next to it and then the biomass is fed into the fermenter via screw conveyors. The use directly above the plant makes the system around the feeder a much more flexible variant to extend the biogas plant feeding.

Different variants for each feeder
Of course, we offer much more than just a simple dosing unit. With us you get the right systems for every available plant, which enables a precisely fitting use. The hopper systems are available in various sizes between 4 m³ and 40 m³, so that the right components can be found for both small and large plants. Most of the systems offer an integrated basic tank, which provides enormous safety thanks to its stainless steel processing.

An exception is the version with 4 m³, which is made of stainless steel sheet metal 6 mm thick. The screw conveyor also adapts flexibly to the design, enabling a conveying capacity of up to 55 cubic metres per hour. Thus, the hopper system leads to comfortable feeding to increase the range of applications and extend the overall conveying capacity. When it comes to convenient and safe feeding systems, safe and versatile installation is possible.

Maximum comfort through our dosing systems
Together with us it is possible to complete the already existing biogas plant and to rely on a modern dosing system. Around the feeder and the associated feeding, it is possible to fall back on all important components and at the same time to adapt the screw conveyor to the daily operation. In this way, our modern plants become an enormous enrichment and lead to maximum performance with highest comfort.

When it comes to the purchase of a high-quality and extremely flexible dosing system, we are therefore always the right contact. We offer custom-fit systems and make it possible to significantly extend the previous comfort. In addition, the hopper systems we provide are stainless and extremely robust, so that nothing stands in the way of modern and extremely safe conveyor technology.

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