Pipelines for your biogas plant
For the correct and functional operation of a biogas plant you need pipelines that connect different systems. For this reason, we have made it our business to manufacture all conceivable piping systems. In order to do this, we adapt as flexibly as possible to existing requirements and enable our customers to carry out functional processing. Thus, gas pipes, substrate pipes and fittings fit the nature of the plant with certainty.

More flexibility for the plant
Through the individual production of all relevant line components, we offer you an individual approach to the planning of your systems. So, you do not have to make this dependent on the previous stainless steel elements in the appropriate sizes, but remain flexible during the selection process. We help to simplify the production of biogas by the structured implementation of the projects around the manure and gas pipelines.

The same naturally applies to the creation and implementation of all conceivable additional concepts and components. We work at any time in accordance with the European standard and make it possible to positively supplement the already existing systems. For example, an accurately fitting liquid manure pipeline is an important approach to maintain the functionality of the biogas plant and to carry out the process of liquid feeding. In many respects, we are therefore the right partner for equipping and supplementing biogas and fermentation substrate plants.

Ideally suited for daily use
Not every system works under identical conditions. This is particularly noticeable in the system of gas pipelines, which is why they should be equipped as well as possible based on their value and condition. On this basis, we offer a comprehensive service. Together with us, nothing will prevent a functional application of the biogas system. With simple connecting elements such as knife-gate valves and butterfly valves, a controllable and comfortable operation can be made possible, which facilitates the daily use.

Our work for a professional operation
If you need certain components for the use of your biogas plant, we are your professional contact for implementation and production. We connect all fermentation tanks on the gas side and substrate side, which means you can ensure functional operation without much effort. On request, we also establish connections between several machines and improve their efficiency. Together with our certified welders, we can also implement your project with maximum competence. In doing so, we always make sure that a DVGW-certified pressure test is carried out properly and support you with all requirements in the substrate area in accordance with WHG § 19. In this way, you always receive the appropriate piping systems. We also manufacture stainless steel pipelines for other industrial sectors according to specifications, regardless of the size.