Our drum filling stations for easy filling
Functional and safe technology is essential so that the barrels can be filled with the fermentation substrate from the biogas plant. The drum filling station offers a convenient solution for filling, which is located on the fixed base plate.

This means that stability and support are of paramount importance to ensure smooth and extremely convenient filling. Safe and structured filling is thus possible at any time around our systems.

How to use the filling station
Such a filling station plays an important role in every biogas plant. It is first fixed on a straight base plate and then supplemented by the mounting of the carrier frame at the rear. This ensures that the station always remains robust and safe without any loss of quality during transport. In addition, the flow rate can be changed based on the selected diameter of the pipe, which is why larger pipes are ideal for preventing the formation of foam.

In this way, spraying from the end of the pipe can be completely avoided to enable complete filling. At the same time, it is also possible to mount the system on a wall or a platform, if desired, to make its use as simple as possible. The boom can then be moved up or down using the hydraulic cylinder, which also prevents the pipe from kicking back.

Safe use with the biogas plant
At this point we offer various drum filling stations, which are also known as liquid manure gallows. Due to the high-quality processing of stainless steel, the systems meet all requirements in order to promote safe filling at the loading station for as long as possible. All around our range, the station can be ordered with boom lengths between 3.5 m and 4.5 m. This means that the right solution can be found for every circumference, so that the slurry can be filled into the barrel without restrictions and then transported. This makes the system a good choice not only for biogas plants, but also for agriculture.

High quality technology with our filling station
With our convenient system for filling we offer an enormous comfort. This makes it possible to meet all filling requirements and to safely transfer the liquid manure at any time. All around our components there are no longer any restrictions when filling the barrels with the fermentation substrate, thus ensuring safe use. We are therefore pleased to make a good contribution to more comfort and efficiency in biogas production and agricultural processing with our drum filling station.

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