Our substrate heater for the biogas plant
If constant temperatures in the fermenter are required, an additional heating system may well be worthwhile. This makes it possible to keep the operating temperature constant and to be able to rely on an even gas production at any time of the year.

For this reason, it is not only worthwhile in winter to fall back on a comfortable fermenter heater in order to extend the comfort of using your own biogas plant as well as to easily adjust the temperature.

Highest safety to maintain the temperature level
A common problem of missing fermenter heater is the need for full cleaning. However, depending on the implementation, this can lead to failures of several days, which is why operators can only rely on such a solution in the rarest of cases. It is easier to integrate a functional heating system so that the temperature can be adjusted at any time in the best possible way based on the required settings. In most cases, the system is integrated without any serious installation work, which makes it easier to use.

The application of liquid manure heater is also extremely far-reaching in this way. Thanks to its ease of use, it can be used not only directly in the fermenter, but also, if desired, directly before dosing or within the storage. When it comes to a structured and safe application, our systems are therefore an excellent choice and make heating a clear process. This is evident not only in the simple operation, but above all in the material and the enormous stability of the integrated substrate heater.

A technically good choice for all requirements
Regular cleaning of the pipes is crucial to ensure that the substrate temperatures remain as uniform as possible. Large parts of the substrate are often deposited in these pipes, which have an insulating effect and cool the materials in this way. If cleaning is not possible so often, liquid manure heater offers a safe and comfortable choice. In this way it does not become a problem to maintain the required temperatures and to improve the biogas plant as a whole. Our substrate heater offers enormous simplicity in this respect and makes the application around the required quality in production as structured as possible.