Maximum flexibility with our mobile drum filling station
With our mobile drum filling station, we make it possible to fill the drums quickly and efficiently with the available fermentation substrate. Our systems offer an enormous technical quality and meet all requirements.

Thus, we offer comfort and safety within the entire application, so that there are no more obstacles during filling. For the structured use of the biogas plant, our offer of various conveying stations is a good choice.

The right components for every system
Our mobile systems also meet all requirements. In comparison to the systems permanently mounted on the ground, they have a base frame for three-point attachment to a tractor. The frame is equipped with an additional pump system so that nothing stands in the way of flexible and safe filling. Around the pumps it is possible to use either rotary lobe pumps or progressive cavity pumps, so that there are no restrictions during the pumping process.

In addition, further measures can be taken to simplify the filling process. For example, the barrel filling station can be additionally equipped with a foreign body separator, which allows the fermentation substrate to be separated from stones, pebbles and other foreign bodies. This makes it possible to significantly increase the quality of the conveyed substrate and to significantly enrich the plant around your usability. In this way, it is possible to carry out the filling at various locations.

Simple and convenient system application
With the systems we provide, we offer uncomplicated installation and easy application afterwards. The systems can be purchased with a boom length of 4m or according to the customer's wishes, which allows the pumping span to be adapted to the existing biogas plant. At any time, it is possible to place the drum filling station directly on the plant and fill drums or trains from above. Due to the principle of height adjustment, the filling height can be adjusted flexibly and exactly to practically extend the usability.

Due to the mobile filling station, there is no longer a tie to the location, which means that filling can be carried out safely and conveniently at any location. At the same time, the stability of the system is not lost, so that simple and safe filling by the slurry tanker can be ensured at any time. Thanks to the high-quality stainless steel construction, the system offers the necessary safety for a long time and manages to increase the comfort at the loading station for liquid manure. The connection with the suitable pump is also successful without any difficulties in order to transport the fermentation substrate without much effort.

Convenient solutions in substrate filling
If you are looking for a good supplement to filling with liquid manure, you can rely on our proven systems. These promote reliable and structured working, which makes a long-lasting usability possible. Due to the mobility of the systems, clarity is maintained in every respect, which makes stable filling much easier. Both in biogas plant technology and in agriculture, the stainless steel systems around the loading station are therefore an excellent choice to increase comfort and to functionally supplement the plants with the help of the liquid manure gallows.